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Using the right tool for the right stage of landscaping, L.F. Landscape and Masonry is ready to make a marvel out of any spot on your property.


L.F. Landscape and Masonry begins each project by consolidating a strong understanding of the worksite. Once we’ve inspected the site and made all appropriate considerations, we plan the work out and create an aesthetically-conscious design. With every element purposefully positioned, we then move forward until we’ve matched the latest set of specifications. Then we take a nice picture.


We move a lot of earth around for construction or leveling purposes and provide runoff solutions for flooding issues. We also offer storm cleanup and snowplowing services to keep your property safe and looking good in emergent situations.


Our team is very experienced in planting grass and ensuring its growth as well with nutritious fertilizer. We take on all your gardening needs, installing flower and shrub beds and mulching them as desired, planting trees, and pre-emptively combatting various lawn and garden pests such as dandelions. Of course, we also offer full maintenance for all living elements of your property’s landscape, to make sure the scene is true to our artistic vision for years to come.

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