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The pride of our business endeavors is our focus on the details, and we know too well that as time marches on the details are the first thing to fall out of line.  That is why, at Luis Fajardo Landscaping & Masonry, we equip ourselves to provide all of the crucial services of property maintenance, taking the initiative to combat property degradation.

Our regular services in the short term include lawn mowing and periodic fertilization, keeping your yard green and smooth year-round.  Being horticultural experts, we regularly prune and replant yard elements and maintain the consistency of the layered soil / mulch at the planting site.


We offer seasonal cleanup in Spring and Fall to eliminate debris buildup and to account for erosion and climate-related displacement of bricks, stones, and other structural components.  In times of moderate-to-severe weather, we are entrusted with emergent cleanup issues like with windstorm litter and snow-ins.  Naturally, we scale all our maintenance efforts to the size of the affected property to work most efficiently.


When trouble arises with a work of masonry, it is always best to address it quickly.  We keep our paths, walls, and platforms in top shape and inspect other issues, whether on the surface or matters of structural integrity, as they develop.

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