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In tandem with our highly-regarded Landscaping services, we are empowered to build stone and brick structures to help the terrain hold its shape and elevation, distinguish a path or border, or just to make your yard more interesting. From one-brick-wide garden markers to yard-spanning retaining walls of stone, the care and purpose with which we lay each stone or brick is plain to see. 

We also build displacement-resistant patios and driveways. L.F. Landscape & Masonry offer a top-level talent to build aesthetically pleasing driveways to last. Mixing traditional methods with modern trends, Luis’ team has paved a myriad of custom driveways and walkways, re-founding as necessary and mixing in decorative elements such as Belgian blocks as the appearance demands. Once we’ve improved the paths on your property, it’s a pleasant trip to your neighborhood cookout on one of our inviting outdoor kitchens and patio platforms.

Our stairs, built to match the structures they link, also speak for themselves. Combining many of the same methods used in wall and patio construction into a leveling project, we assemble lovely stairways of all lengths and step-heights to resist the elements and remain in place for years to come. Forget about that wobbling step!

Whatever the improvement case, L.F. Landscape & Masonry’s expertly-laid layers of bricks and stones are the best solution to many kinds of problems, and with correct maintenance - yet another of our esteemed services - it’s a permanent solution.

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